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  Fishing Report

Saturday, March 28th, 2015




. Update about the dam boat ramp. They have placed concrete partially into the river. Looks like we are closer to haing a boat ramp.

  I am quilty of chasing the whites. I didn't do any good but it was better than sitting at home watching tv. Again I caught trout with midges, scudds, and micro jigs.They are still generating most week day mornings. Just need a Kayak or boat, float the running river throwing either streamers like a Clouser Minnow or Woolie Bugger. With a spinning rod most Rapala like crank baits or even simple 1/4oz jigs thrown at the banks will get the trouts attention. Just plane lots of fun when they are generating.

 Afternoons have been worth fishing because of wadeable water. With a spinning rod still the Trout Magnet or Colorado Spoon are deadly.

 Its time to use worms because of the walleye. they are starting to move up river a bit. Most I know of came from about 20-25" of water.

                                                             Good luck and bring us a fish story.

                                                                  Jim, Lisa,Tom, Carl & Nancy



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