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  Fishing Report

Sunday, February 5th, 2016


     The water is slowly receeding.  The access areas below the Dam are limited due to flooding.  Campground "C" and the Turn-a-round are still non accessable as they are blocked off until at such time the Corp. can repair any damages cause by the high water.

    Watercraft can now launch immediately below the dam as well as Bertrand boat ramp.

    Try fishing power bait in white, red, chartreuse, or pink tipped with wax worms or night crawlers . From there, troll down stream from Betrand Boar Launch where flicker shad, # 9 Rapalas, and spoons have been producing numbers of fish.

  There is wadeable water right now however, since the big water release, the bottom conditions have change dramatically.  Once where there was wadeable water, in some instances, it's much deeper than before.  Tons, and tons of gravel has been shifted to other areas in the rier, so when going out, be very attentitave to the ever changing bottom conditions below Beaer Dam Tailwaters.

     Egg patterns, big nymphs, haresears, midges, pheasant tails are a great pattern to dead drift. 










Fly Tackle:
• Micro Jig under a strike indicator
• PJ's Jig


Conventional Tackle:
• Rapala Crank baits
• Flicker Shad
• Worms with white and yellow power bait
• Colorado and Buoyant spoons

Good luck! Bring us a fish story.


Lisa, Tom, Carl, Ken & Nancy
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